Return policy

Thank you very much for your interest in our Natuvalle 6-in1 Sturdy Pet Carrier Bags. 
We accept you to return the pet carrier within 14 days after the purchase date provided that the pet carrier is new & in sellable conditions with means:
1. It has not been used.
2. Is packed in the original poly bag with barcode label & returned in the same box it came in.
3. Brochure, seatbelt & airplane tags are still attached to the bag.
4. Caution print & all accessories are in the bag.
(Just keep everything in the box it comes in and leave the tags on the bag for 14 days)

There is a small re-listing fee of $9.40 to cover the inspection of the returned bag & admin.
If we pay the shipping to the customer then the customer pay the return shipping fee.
If the customer pay initial shipping then we pay the return shipping.
Please note that shipping fees are non-refundabel as we cannot claim this back from the shipping company.
If you are looking for high quality pet carrier with all the multiple options we advertise and choose a carrier size that fit the length & weight of your pet, then there should be no reason to return it. 😊
Please make sure to measure the length, height & weight of your pet before you order.
Some pets are short and wide, others are long and slim and some are tall or short. It is therefore very important that you measure the length, height & weight of your pet to find the correct size pet carrier.

Here is how you measure your pet for the right size pet carrier bag:
LENGTH: Start from the nose and measure to the base of the tail (Please do NOT include the tail!).
HEIGHT: Measure from the ground to the top of the neck or head.
(Here is a 5 star tip if your pet don’t like to be measured; Hold your pet against a door, make a little cross with a pen in front of the nose, at the top of the neck and at base of the tail, let your pet go, measure the length & height and wipe the crosses off the door.😊)

Once having verified the length & height of your pet, please select the correct size carrier bag.

The Extra Small Carrier is for TEACUP pets 8-13 inch Long & 8 inch High and can safely carry up to MAX 9 Lb
This carrier measures in Upright Position: L14” x W7.8” x H7.8”, and in Side Position: L14” x W7.8” x H7.8”

The Small Carrier is for pets 13-15 inch Long & 11 inch High and can safely carry up to MAX 14 Lb
This carrier measures in Upright Position: L16” x W8.5” x H11.3”, and in Side Position: L16” x W11.3” x H8.5”

The Medium Carrier is for pets 15-17.5 inch Long & 11.5 inch High and can safely carry up to MAX 17 Lb
This carrier measures in Upright Position: L18” x W9.5” x H11.5”, and in Side Position: L18” x W11.5” x H9.5”

The Large Carrier is for pets 18-20 inch Long & 14 inch High and can safely carry up to MAX 19 Lb
This carrier measures in Upright Position: L20” x W10” x H14”, and in Side Position: L20” x W14” x H10”

(Please note that the large carrier is not airline approved but may fit under SOME airline seats in side position if the black frames are removed and not suitable for small-framed people)

- Airline rules vary quite a bit. Some airlines accept pets in the cabin & some don’t. Some airplanes within the same airline have different space below the seats etc., so please make sure you check the measurements & pet weight the airlines allow before you book your ticket.

(The frames can in both positions be compressed 1”. The height can also be reduced up to 3” by removing the black frames)

Please note that the Pet Carriers are handmade and the measurements may therefore vary with + 1 inch.

Thank you.